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We inform You, that from June 18, 2018, our company switches to a new operator telephone communication. In this regard, our common city telephone number from this day will be +7  (495 ) 181-27-94. The extension numbers will not changing. The old number +7  (495 ) 234-27-94 will be disabled in the period 20-30 June without further notice

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June 11-14, 2018
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GeoEurasia 2018

2018, February 5-8. Moscow

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AViSeis® ® SeisWin — field QC ® GDS-I — vibrator control geophysical digital system ®

Seismic crew supervision includes making sure that the contractor is in compliance with the 2D/3D survey program and specifications, as well as with the topographic survey specifications, seismic equipment specifications and HSE requirements throughout all stages of field operations.

This includes:

  1. Assessment of survey programs' ability to generate the required geological information and models
  2. Evaluation (audit) of party's readiness for field work
    • Compliance of party's equipment with contract requirements
    • Availability of geophysical equipment, lodging, services, transportation and communication facilities
    • Adequate staffing (professional and labor), completion of annual staff training, medical evaluation, and HSE briefing
    • Availability of PPE and safety equipment for vehicles, work and rest areas
  3. Ongoing seismic survey monitoring
    • Test survey monitoring and selection of data acquisition parameters
    • Compliance with field work program specifications
    • Seismic source operation inspection, testing and monitoring (including vibrators)
    • Topographic survey monitoring
    • EHSE monitoring
    • Survey data quality control
    • Daily, weekly and monthly progress reports

All monitoring is performed by experienced GDS staff (geophysicists, surveyors, electronic engineers, and HSE professionals) that have at least 5 years of experience with comparable projects in a variety of environments. All staff has the required Russian supervisor's certification and the necessary monitoring equipment. All supervisors have laptop computers, satellite phones, digital cameras and specialized instrumentation, such as:

— GPS: Topcon 1000, TRIMBLE 5700 — for topographic survey monitoring and verification;

— PELTON's Notebook VCA — for vibrator operation analysis;

— software tools for planning and monitoring surveys, including detours and line deviations.

To perform seismic data quality control, GDS has developed the SeisWin software suite that supports fast quantitative QC of 2D and 3D field data and enables us to deliver maps to the client within 1 to 3 hours of data acquisition.

Additionally, the SeisWin suite supports fast 2D and 3D data processing to refine the assessment of seismic data quality.

Field data quality control is based on reviews of raw datasets, analysis of quality attribute (SNR, bandwidth, mean frequency, fold, etc.) and evaluation of pre-processing results (preliminary stacking).

GDS has provided field monitoring services throughout Russia and CIS, including land surveys in the Western and Eastern Siberia, Timan-Pechora, the Volga-Ural region, Central Asia, and marine surveys in the Barents and Kara seas, and in the Sea of Okhotsk. We have been working in a variety of climate environments, from the Pamir mountains to the Arctic tundra, and in virtually all petroleum provinces of Russia. This gives GDS staff the unique opportunity to gain valuable hands-on experience, and accumulate and analyze large amounts of data to improve the quality of our services.