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June 11-14, 2018
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GeoEurasia 2018

2018, February 5-8. Moscow

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    AViSeis® ®    
IST-3MP — static correction interactive technology ® SeisWin — field QC ® GDS-I — vibrator control geophysical digital system ®

Интерактивная коррекция статики

Near-surface anomaly correction

Handling near-surface velocity anomalies during the processing of field data is one of the most crucial and challenging tasks of seismic exploration in many petroleum provinces. Years of research and the experience of the GDS staff resulted in the development of our proprietary Interactive Statics Technology (IST®). This interactive statics technology is widely used in our work in areas with challenging near-surface anomalies (such as traps, buried valleys, karsting, permafrost, etc.). This technology enables us to deal efficiently with poor quality seismic data.

To implement the IST® we developed a suite of software tools.


This is an integrated processing and analysis suite for processing reflected signals in areas with near-surface anomalies and lateral seismic velocity variations.

It supports identification and removal of high-amplitude medium- and long-wavelength near-surface static anomalies (associated with permafrost, traps, karsting, sand dunes, swamps, and buried valleys). The workflow incorporates processing and interpretation based on integration of all available data. Our IST-3MP® suite employs an integrated approach to static shift evaluation that is based on analyzing reflections from several zones. No near-surface modeling is required to perform corrections.


  • Much simpler structural interpretation process and reduced drilling risk
  • Greater reliability in reservoir delineation and reservoir properties evaluation
  • No velocity model needed
  • Unique surface-consistent stacking technology with spatially fixed patterns to ensure reliable static anomaly mapping.
  • The only alternative to first break picking methods, such as refraction and tomography surveys. Our technology offers a reliable solution where refraction surveys and autostatics fail.
  • Simultaneous processing of 2D and 3D data, and user-selectable arbitrary lines
  • Can be used to evaluate statics for PS-waves

System requirements

Supported OS

  • MS Windows 2000
  • MS Windows XP
  • OS Windows 7 (64 bit)
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 Update 3 (64-bit) or above

Recommended hardware configuration

  • INTEL Pentium P4 3 GHz or better
  • RAM: 1 Gb or better
  • Video: NVidia GeForce 6600 or better