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We inform You, that from June 18, 2018, our company switches to a new operator telephone communication. In this regard, our common city telephone number from this day will be +7  (495 ) 181-27-94. The extension numbers will not changing. The old number +7  (495 ) 234-27-94 will be disabled in the period 20-30 June without further notice

Our booth at 80th EAGE Conference & Exhibition
June 11-14, 2018
Copenhagen, Denmark

Geosciences Eurasia Conference and Exhibition
GeoEurasia 2018

2018, February 5-8. Moscow

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    AViSeis® ®    
IST-3MP — static correction interactive technology ® SeisWin — field QC ® GDS-I — vibrator control geophysical digital system ®


GDS-I®, GDS-I PLUS® and next generation GDS-II®

GDS-II® (Geophysical Digital System) is a universal vibrator control system that comes complete with a radio communication subsystem and integrated GPS/GLONASS receivers.

To know more about innovations in GDS-II® You can download our brochure.

The control system provides:

  • support of the new unique technology of field works carrying out «AViSeis®»
  • use of satellite navigation in carrying out field works and field seismic data processing
  • improved excitation of the low frequencies with lowered distortion
  • efficient and statistical quality control of sources
  • the vibrator signals record on a USB flash for data processing and quality control
  • full compatibility with all types of hydraulic vibrators
  • stable and high-precision control of intensity and phase
  • automatic calibration


Power supply: 9-36 V DC
Power consumption: 16 W
Frequency control settings: AViSeis®, linear, non-linear, random, pulse
Frequency range: 1 to 250 Hz
Tapers: Cosine and Blackman
(0.1 s increment)
Max. number of vibrators: 16
Start time accuracy: ± 25 μs
Accelerometer sensitivity: 25 mV/g
Clocking accuracy: 0.1 ppm
Integrated GPS: JAVAD TR-G2, TR-G3
Height: 290 mm
Length: 280 mm
Width: 200 mm
Weight: 6 kg
Operating temperature: 0 to +60 deg. C
Storage temperature: -40 to +70 deg. C