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We inform You, that from June 18, 2018, our company switches to a new operator telephone communication. In this regard, our common city telephone number from this day will be +7  (495 ) 181-27-94. The extension numbers will not changing. The old number +7  (495 ) 234-27-94 will be disabled in the period 20-30 June without further notice

Our booth at 80th EAGE Conference & Exhibition
June 11-14, 2018
Copenhagen, Denmark

Geosciences Eurasia Conference and Exhibition
GeoEurasia 2018

2018, February 5-8. Moscow

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Scientific activities

New paper in «Publications . Papers. Adaptive vibroseis» section

  1. Xianzheng Zhao, Xishuang Wang, A.P. Zhukov, Ruifeng Zhang, Chuanzhang Tang,
    Technology of Adaptive Vibroseis for Wide Spectrum Prospecting
    // «Технологии сейсморазведки».-2015.-N4
    Abstract: Seismic data from conventional vibroseis prospecting is characterized by narrow frequency bandwidth due to earth absorption. This article introduces a technology of vibroseis prospecting, which is based on automatic optimizing of sweep parameters for the actual data and designs different sweep length for different frequency, thus increases the exciting energy of the middle to high frequency signals, and enhances the s/n ratio of middle to high frequency components. Furthermore, processing is done on low frequency protection and extend high frequency according to the features of the AVISeis data, thus achieves the purpose of extending effective bandwidth of seismic data. This method is wide spectrum prospecting, which increases the ability to identify thin interlayers and lithologic reservoirs.

New paper in «Publications . Papers. Interpretation» section

  1. В.А. Жемчугова, М.О. Бербенев, Ю.В. Наумчев
    Использование новых технологий сейсморазведочных работ для повышения эффективности геологоразведочных работ (на примере верхнемеловых отложений севера Западной Сибири) .

    // Технологии сейсморазведки, №  3, 2015, с. 80–88.
    Applying of adaptive seismic technology (AviSeis ) data allowed to considerably increase seismic data resolution and defi nition of Cenomanian and Turonian reservoir structure at the North of Western Siberia basin. Implementation of integrated sedimentological and petrophysics data into modeling project allowed to derive reservoir properties distribution trough void structure characteristics of polyfacies deposits.
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