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We inform You, that from June 18, 2018, our company switches to a new operator telephone communication. In this regard, our common city telephone number from this day will be +7  (495 ) 181-27-94. The extension numbers will not changing. The old number +7  (495 ) 234-27-94 will be disabled in the period 20-30 June without further notice

Our booth at 80th EAGE Conference & Exhibition
June 11-14, 2018
Copenhagen, Denmark

Geosciences Eurasia Conference and Exhibition
GeoEurasia 2018

2018, February 5-8. Moscow

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IST-3MP ® 2.4 new release

Dear IST-3MP ® users!

Geophysical Data Systems Company is pleased to announce the release 2.4 of our IST-3MP ® system .

New features of IST-3MP system 2.4

IST-3MP Main Window

  • Terminology has been improved in the system. Only terms Horizon and Bounds are now used. The Picking term was excluded.
  • New abilities to move objects between the lines inside the project and objects and lines between the projects have been added. This can be done by Drag & Drop inside the object tree. To start the movement select icon of the object or line and move it to the desired location inside object tree.
  • Ability to use Int2 scalar has been added. Previously only Int4 scalar could be used.
  • New function to import regular grid has been added to Line context menu.
  • Horizon information has been improved. Now color of horizon which is saved to database is displayed as a colored rectangle.
  • Obsolete Class field has been removed from Information tab in the main window.
  • Database object table has been improved inside import/export dialog which is used when importing/exporting database, project, line. (Size column has been added, ability to resize table has also been added).
  • New ability to enter comment while saving the object has been added. New menu item Edit Comment has been added. The comment can be viewed in Information window inside IST-3MP main window.
  • Ability to find specific values has been added to text viewers of database objects (View Horizon, View Velocity e.t.c)
  • Release Notes viewer has been improved.
  • Help system structure has been improved. Some typos have been fixed.
  • Menu Applications has been extended to include all interactive applications.
  • Launched Flows list has been improved and now does not include interactive applications which are already finished.
  • It is now possible to open several Flow History windows (one window per Flow).
  • New tab Disk Space has been added to System Settings window (Main Window->Settings menu). This tab shows disk space information and lets user clear temporary folders of Autostatics and Corstatvel used to support «Continue interrupted run of iteration» option. If you do not use this option you may clear these temporary folders using button Delete Temporary folders.
  • LMO computation bug has been fixed.

Trace Display

  • Terms Horizon and Bounds are now used instead of the Picking term.
  • Load Muting and Load Refraction Model context menu items have been added to Object panel.
  • Display Parameters panel has been improved.
  • Picking in Guide mode bug has been fixed.
  • Bug which lead to saving of empty horizon has been fixed.
  • Bug with building of index files has been fixed.
  • Horizontal Semblance Calculation bug at start has been fixed.
  • Autostatics bug which lead to problems when calculating statics at low times has been fixed.


  • Velocity visualization is added. Velocity objects can now be loaded from Object Tree and Load window. Velocities are interpolated and it is possible to see velocity slice for specific time. It is also possible to combine velocity data for several seismic lines by selecting Create Combined Velocity Object.
  • Ability to remove several selected objects from Layers window has been added. This can be done by clicking Remove (from context menu).
  • Inability to work with Select All button in Load window has been fixed.
  • Saving empty pattern bug has been fixed.


  • Velocity data created in IVVA and saved to database can now be visualized in Map application. If users changes velocity in IVVA and saves it, the same velocity object is updated in Map application if it is opened there.
  • Accuracy of vertical function location search has been improved for huge CDP values.
  • Several crashes at start of application has been fixed.
  • Bug which lead to inability to apply Statics has been fixed.

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